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Competition season is getting underway

Lisa and Storm are in a buoyant mood. Competition season has finally begun in Lakeside. The two of them train at the riding school every day. Storm is a fantastic jumper. But their opponents are very good too – and, needless to say, Lisa and Storm want to win.

They get tips from Tom the riding instructor. You can read them at the bottom of this page. Cross your fingers for Lisa and Storm, and cheer them on alongside the other Horse Club girls and horses!

Lakeside Jumping Arena

Lakeside Jumping Arena is well known to showjumpers from right across the area. You can see all the best riders and horses there – including Lisa and Storm. Whenever there’s a showjumping tournament, everyone who lives nearby – both young and old – turns up to cheer on their favourite team. It’s like a big party at which the showjumpers win amazing prizes while the spectators chat, eat hot dogs and watch thrilling contests. What do you think? Do Lisa and Storm have a shot at winning?

Der Lakeside Springparcours ist in der ganzen Gegend bekannt.

These are the tips Lisa got for her first showjumping tournament:

  • Jumping obstacles are normally up to 1.60 m high. Do back exercises with your horse. They will help it to jump obstacles elegantly and smoothly.
  • Practise on lower obstacles first. Once you can manage those, you can increase the height.
  • You and your horse need to be a team. Make sure you understand one another. Help your horse by signalling to them using leg or rein cues.
  • Go through the jumping arena beforehand and precisely memorise the sequence of obstacles.
  • Have fun! Of course, you’ll be nervous before the big ride. But remember that you can depend on your horse and your horse can depend on you.
Lisa hat Tipps von Tom für ihr Springturnier erhalten.