Hannah & Cayenne

Hannah lives with her parents and sister Mia in Lakeside, as the beautiful area around the riding centre is known. She is full of curiosity and always looking for new adventures. True to this spirit, her motto is “Why …?”. When Hannah grows up, she wants to be a vet, just like her mum. Together with Sofia, Lisa and Sarah, she discovered a mysterious chest the day before her 12th birthday. It led them to an old caravan that became the secret meeting place for Horse Club. Ever since, Hannah and her horse Cayenne have gone on new adventures every day with the Schleich Horse Club. Why is Cayenne so excited? Is there a new secret to uncover?

Hannah zeigt stolz ihr Horse Club Armband.

Cayenne is Hannah’s quarter horse. Hannah and Cayenne are an unbeatable team in western riding. No wonder, given that Cayenne’s previous owner was a real-life cowboy. Cayenne especially loves it when Hannah comes to the stable bright and early to feed him. She always sings to herself while she’s doing it. Just like Hannah, Cayenne loves adventures and enjoys exploring Lakeside and the surrounding area. Whatever mystery will Hannah and Cayenne discover next?

Cayenne ist Hannahs Pferd.