Sarah & Mystery

Sarah is very smart and perceptive. She can write amazing songs and poems. Her favourite word, “magic”, appears in them a lot. She and Mystery (the alert, observant horse she looks after as if she were her own) love galloping across the fields of Lakeside, wild and free. They make an amazing team, since they understand each other perfectly. People say the two of them are finely attuned. Sarah doesn’t like being alone, so it’s good that her Horse Club friends are already planning the next meeting. You should come too!

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Mystery is a mare that Sarah looks after for her owner, Edith Jacobs. Mystery likes to strut her stuff in the dressage arena. She also likes exploring Peppertree Woods with Sarah. When she gallops to the Horse Club Caravan, her mane and tail streaming behind her, it’s an incredible sight to behold. Will she uncover another secret there with Sarah?

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