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Welcome to Lakeside!

The Kramer family lives at Lakeside Riding Stable in a big house. They’re surrounded by lots of fields, horse paddocks and Peppertree Woods. That’s where the Horse Club members meet: Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah. The girls have a new adventure with their horses every day. They regularly go out riding and often encounter mysteries that they solve with the help of their four-legged friends.

If you want to visit Lakeside, you have two options: it’s either a few minutes by car from Hazelwood Village via the main road, or else you can go by horse through the beautiful Peppertree Woods. Not far from the woods is the Horse Club Caravan where the girls have their secret meetings.

p class="PBbody"> Springdale City is the nearest big city to Lakeside. It has lots of schools, a university and Mr Michael’s shopping centre. Springdale City has been a centre for equestrian sports and showjumping for over 300 years.

Hannah, Sofia, Lisa und Sarah

Horse Club’s favourite places