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Horse Club

A mysterious chest with ….H ..C… on the lid and old maps of Lakeside marked with red crosses inside – that’s how the story of Horse Club began. Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah and their horses Cayenne, Storm, Blossom and Mystery investigate the enigma of the crosses on the mysterious map.

And what’s the significance of the horse’s head symbol on Peppertree Woods?
What could it mean?

Vier Freundinnen und ihre Pferde – das ist der Horse Club von Lakeside.

Secret meetings in the Horse Club Caravan

The four friends decided to found Lakeside Horse Club, and they and their horses have been “friends for life” ever since. The old caravan became their secret meeting place. Together, they began repainting the old caravan and renovating it with gorgeous new cushions and furniture. Sofia had simply the best ideas! Whenever they can, the four friends spend time with their horses. They often meet at the caravan to hatch plans together.

At the weekend, there’s a sumptuous breakfast in the Horse Club Caravan. That might mean the four friends and their horses will soon be going on yet another new adventure. Join them to find out what it could be!

Der renovierte Wohnwagen ist geheimer Treffpunkt des Horse Clubs.