hH Visitors to Lakeside HhhHh

Kramer family

Mia ist Hannahs kleine Schwester.

Mia is Hannah’s younger sister. Her best friend is Spotty, a Shetland pony.

Mr. Kramer und seine Familie besitzen Lakeside.

Mr Kramer is Hannah’s dad. His family owns Lakeside, as the beautiful area around the riding centre is known.

Mrs. Kramer ist Tierärztin.

Mrs Kramer is Hannah’s mum. She works as a vet.

Ruby ist die Hündin von Familie Kramer.

Ruby the border collie belongs to the Kramer family. She absolutely adores Hannah. Ruby has a keen sense of smell, can jump incredibly high and gets on very well with horses.

Tom and Emily

Tom, der Reitlehrer mit seinem Pony Pino.

Tom is a riding instructor. He’s very popular with lots of the girls, and his pony Pino adores him. To Hannah, he’s like a big brother.

Emily bewundert die Mädchen vom Horse Club.

Tom’s younger sister Emily is a little shy, but very friendly and helpful. Like Tom, she works in the stable and the café.

Michaels family

Tori macht dem Horse Club manchmal das Leben schwer.

Tori is daddy’s little princess. Maybe that’s where her horse Princess got her name from? Tori is bad-tempered, spoiled and not very popular with Horse Club.

Mr. Michaels gilt als gierig und nimmt kaum Rücksicht auf andere Menschen.

Mr Michaels has no interest in horses. He’s interested in making money and being successful in his business.

Jimmy ist Toris älterer Bruder.

Jimmy has a very high opinion of himself – and veeeery secretly he likes horses too. But he’s SUCH an idiot. He comes to Lakeside a lot with his dad and his sister Tori.

Horse Club friends and helpers

Arun Shah ist ein Freund des Horse Clubs.

Arun Shah loves animals. He’s the owner of the Mill Animal Welfare Shelter and is always giving tips to his friends from Horse Club.

Edith Jacobs ist eine Freundin des Horse Clubs.

Anna Collins is a businesswoman. She always brings Sofia little gifts back from her trips to say thank you for looking after Blossom.

Anna Collins mag Sofia, die so kreativ ist, wie sie selbst.

Edith Jacobs likes the Horse Club friends. She’s always so elegant. Sarah looks after her horse, Mystery.